Sentosa Swimming Lessons

Sentosa swimming lessons are provided by Swim Sentosa, the leading swim school in Singapore focusing on delivering quality swim lessons to the residents of the Sentosa Cove enclave, from babies to children and adults!

100% Track Record Of Proven Swimming Results
Swim Classes For All Ages, From Babies To Children & Adults
Be Motivated With Progressive Results
Motivated Learning Equals Successful Swimming
Experienced Swim Teachers Deliver A Proven Curriculum With An Engaging Personal Touch

Our Programmes

Swim Sentosa is a leading swim school within the Sentosa Cove area, with many positive reviews for its swim teaching team and quality swimming lessons. We have played an active role in being water safety educators through having children develop strong swimming skills, in addition to inculcating personal water safety habits. We pride ourselves on meeting the learning needs of individual swimmers, from young little ones in our parent accompanied infant and toddler aquatics, to children swim classes with advanced stroke development programmes. For motivated adult learners, it is never too late to learn a new swim stroke, or have your current swim strokes achieve greater efficiency with improved technique.


Baby Swimming Lessons

There’s more to baby swim lessons than swimming itself! Apart from an early exposure head start to get your little ones comfortable in the water, your baby’s brain grows through bilateral cross patterning as movement in water utilises both sides of the body to effect an action! Research has also indicated a positive effect on improved levels in reading skills, language development, and spatial awareness.

For 6 to 42 Months Old

Toddler Swimming Lessons

Harness the potential of building fundamentals in swim strokes with the preschool age group, as children continue to grow and develop improved upper body mobility. With a greater sense of awareness about their environments, it is time to inculcate positive water safety habits in aquatic surroundings.

For 4 to 6 years old

Kids Swimming Lessons

Be it beginners, or children who have swum before but have taken a fair bit of a break, or competent swimmers seeking stroke correction for competitive swimming, the kids swim program can be varied in focus depending on the needs of your child. We will scale their skill level higher from their existing standards and encourage them to swim faster and further!

For 7 to 13 Years Old

Adult Swimming Lessons

It’s true! It’s never too late to learn! Swimming continues to give every human being the pleasure of the only natural, almost gravity-free environment while here on Mother Earth. Learn to swim efficiently and effectively as how swimming should be. Discover the necessary details of floatation, density, basic propulsion and breath management – all of which will mean you being the best swimmer you can be!

Above 14 Years Old

Child-Centric Teaching Curriculum

Sentosa swim classes provides the best practices formulated through an established reputation and continuing commitment in water-safety teachings and early childhood development by attending swim conferences overseas.

Unique Teaching Equipments

Teaching equipment usually only found at swim centres can be found in this mobile swim school. Our signature use of a bicycle with a trailer-full of teaching aids such as toys, mats and slide makes our lessons fun and enjoyable! 

A Team Who Cares

Passionate and dedicated swim teachers that have undergone extensive attachments and trainings, with over 100 hours of apprenticeship. This ensures a broad level of exposure across all possible variable factors while in a teaching class.

Swim School On Wheels

The signature “Swim School On Wheels” bike – trailer combination makes its way almost daily around Sentosa Cove area. Don’t be shy to come over to say hello when you see this mobile swim school zipping by!

Lesson Fees & Duration

Our swim lesson fees are priced in variance to the time duration and nature of the swim class types, with private individual lessons costing more than that of group classes.

Group classes are $30 per student per lesson, while a small class of just two students is at $40 per student per lesson. Lesson duration are 30mins per class for children, while adult lessons are 45mins per lesson.

*Note that the per lesson cost serves only as a point of reference for ease of calculation, all fees are to be paid in advance ahead for a term, which is typically two months per term.

Our Locations

The Coast Sentosa Swimming Lessons

The Coast

276 Ocean Drive, Singapore 098449

The Oceanfront Sentosa Swimming Lessons

The Oceanfront

281 Ocean Drive, Singapore 098527

Seascape Sentosa Swimming Lessons


55 Cove Way, Singapore 098307

The Residences At W Sentosa Swimming Lessons

The Residences At W

Ocean Way, Singapore 098367

Turqoise Sentosa Swimming Lessons


51 Cove Drive, Singapore 098393

Cape Royale Sentosa Swimming Lessons

Cape Royale

25 Cove Way, Singapore 098209

The Berth Sentosa Swimming Lessons

The Berth

212 Ocean Dr, Singapore 098624

Marina Collection Sentosa Swimming Lessons

Marina Collection

13, 15, 17 Cove Drive, Singapore 098327

Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Swim Sentosa compared to other swim teaching providers in the Sentosa Cove area?

We strongly believe in both hardware and software – namely, teaching equipment and an engaging and lively personalities of our teaching team. We are the only ones who truly are a “swim school on wheels”, as we make our way around the Cove area with our trailer in tow, with teaching equipment to make lessons fun, as well as to cater to the learning progressions for the younger age groups.

What types of swim programs are available?

From baby/toddler age groups, to children and adults alike, from beginner levels to advanced levels requiring stroke correction.

How often do lessons occur?

Lessons are typically once a week, unless special requests for more than once a week are made. There are no lessons on days that fall on public holidays.

Where do swim lessons take place?

They would take place at your residence / condo pool. If you are forming a class with some friends, it will be held at one of the pools between yourselves.

What is the duration of each lesson?

Lessons are 30mins in length, be it individual or group classes. Requests for 45mins lessons or more can be made, subject to an adjustment in fees and availability in schedule.

What are the teaching qualifications / certifications of the team?

Professional teaching certifications from established organisations, both local and overseas, such as NROC, AUSTSWIM, ASCTA, ASCA are just some of the qualifications our team of teachers possess. More importantly, the proof is in the pudding when our teachers are in action, proving to be able to engage children well, ensuring a productive time during lessons.

How much are swim fees?

Our swim lesson fees are priced in variance to the time duration and nature of the swim class types, with private individual lessons costing more than that of group classes.

Small group classes can range between $30 to $40 per student per lesson, and charged upfront for a two-month term. Do enquire further with us so that we are able to give information specific to your needs.

If I miss a class, is there a make-up class?

Yes, if you are part of a group class arrangement, you can attend a make-up class by joining one of the existing group classes available through the week. Do note that if all offers for make up class timings are not suitable for you in terms of days and timings, there are no refunds for lessons that have been missed.

What happens if it rains? Do lessons continue?

This is dependent on the intensity of the rain, the age of the children, and whether there is presence of lightning and thunder in close proximity (not a distant rumble). Your swim teacher will remain in contact with you just before swim lesson time to arrive at a decision if swim class is on or off. We do not cancel swim lessons one or two hours ahead of the lesson time as the weather in Singapore is prone to heavy episodes that are not usually prolonged.

Will term fees for swim classes be pro-rated if I am unable to commit for the full two-month term?

In the months of July and August, as well as the month of December, pro-rating is allowed as these are the months where most people are travelling overseas, and we do our best to accommodate. For other months of the year, do let us know of your advanced travel plans, and we will schedule make up classes in advance so as to make up for lessons that will be missed. As a two-month term is typically 7 to 9 lessons in total, if one is attending for only 3 lessons or less for the whole term, we adopt a slightly higher ad-hoc lesson rate. Do check with us and we will able to provide further information specific to your needs.



We are happily joining swim lessons twice a week on Sentosa. Garett our teacher is extremely good and knowledgeable with teaching the kids taking into account each kids comfort level and skill. Yet the lessons have a good flow; everyone in the class can take part, get attention and practice in a safe environment.

Lotta Thiele

Garett and his team do a fabulous job building water confidence and skills in swimmers of all ages.

Josh Van Beers

Garet and his team are professional and very caring. They also make the class very fun. My 7-year-old has enjoyed her time with Garret’s team very much. Thank you.

Li Cai

Garett is fantastic with the kids – both of mine love the lessons and have so much fun as well as learning

Charlie McCarthy

Garett is fantastic with the kids – both of mine love the lessons and have so much fun as well as learning

Charlie McCarthy