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Swim Sentosa, also known as Sentosa Swim Coaching, was founded by Mathew Tkalec back in 2016. A resident of the Cove community, and a full-time educator, he started off with a handful of lessons for the neighbours, and soon, word got around of his positive teaching standards and program quality and the business grew from strength to strength.

At the beginning of 2019, Mat and his family moved to Switzerland, and the reins were passed on to veteran aquatics practitioner, Coach Garett, who took the helm and continues on the mini legacy of serving the various families and their children in and around the Sentosa Cove community.


With a professional career experience in the aquatics industry spanning over 24 years, Coach Garett has had the benefit of a multi-faceted exposure, developing career experience not just in swim teaching across age groups of junior (infant/toddler/children) and senior (adult beginners/stroke correction), but also in the area of swim school management as well as a teacher trainer for leading national and international swim instructor certifications.

Together with a small team of close-knit swim teachers, and through the many classes and relationships built up over the course of time with the residents of Sentosa Cove, the greatest testament lies in the valued opportunity of serving over a hundred families within the Cove community. From private landed residences to Seascape to Cape Royale, or The Berth to The Coast, and Marina Collection and more, Swim Sentosa leads the way in providing quality swim instruction classes for everyone.

Swim Sentosa

– A Swim School for the Sentosa Cove community –

And be it a preference to have private individual or sibling pair classes, or to be part of a group class that can assist in positive social interactions and peer influence, Swim Sentosa is able to provide a full range of options due to the existing classes we serve.

As part of the full range of class options, one example would be the parent-&-child programs, which cater to the needs of parents who are intending to sign their little bubs from the ages of 6 months and onwards for infant swimming classes. Toddlers aged between 2 years to 4 years young form part of the toddler swimming classes program, and while being similarly parent-accompanied, has a stronger focus on skill building though interactive play.

Children from the ages of 4 plus and onwards are in the “Learn-To-Swim” (LTS) program. This focuses on key fundamentals such as awareness of buoyancy, breath management, head and body positioning, basic propulsion skills amongst others. The LTS program has a progressive curriculum approach in buiiding and linking fundamental skills with actual swimming strokes practice, ensuring that every student learns the necessary positive swim stroke technique. This leads to the eventual acquisition of the various major swimming strokes as the students move to the advanced stages. Alongside, the emphasis of water safety personal survival skills are also brought into the program for a hoiistic approach to swim learning.

Not forgetting that swim learning may have been placed on hold for years on end for some aspiring adults, private swim classes are also available, assisting each adult according to his/her confidence levels. Even for fitness swimmers or the serious triathlete, sessions for stroke correction with use of video analysis are available as well for arrangements.

So be rest assured when you entrust us with your swim learning needs, we will be your learning partner every step of the way, one splash at a time!

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